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File Lock 7.0

This powerful tool allows you to protect your files/folders in several ways
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File Lock is a powerful tool that allows you to protect your files/folders in several ways. It allows you to hide, lock, or password-protect a file or folder by simply dragging it into the program's main window. If you protect a folder, all its subfolders and files will be automatically protected using the same method. In addition, File Lock allows you to set trusted apps and encrypt your files.

The program features an intuitive and self-descriptive user interface, which is divided into four sections: Protect, Trust Apps, Encrypt, and Tools. As its name suggests, the Protect section allows you to protect individual files and/or folders. If you drag a file or folder into this section of the program, a dialog will open and allow you to select the protection method, the users and/or user groups the protection will be applied to, and a schedule setting for the protection. In fact, File Lock allows you to select among 7 protection levels - allow, read-only, lock, hide, allow read - password write, password protect, and password read - block write.

On the other hand, the program can use Windows' users and user groups to define what protection modes are applied to what users. As for the temporal protection, the program allows you to schedule the protection for a file/folder on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or simply “all the time”. You can even apply different protection schemas to the same file or folder, which gives you an incredible flexibility, as you can, for example, hide or lock a file for a specific user only at a specified date and/or time.

The second section of the program is "Trust Apps". Basically, it permits you to define trusted programs, which will be allowed to access the protected files/folders. This protection can also be applied considering users, groups, and schedules. The next section is Encrypt, and it simply allows you to encrypt/decrypt a specific file. Unfortunately, this task needs to be executed manually, as the program does not apply any encryption to your files when you protect them, regardless of the protection method used. Finally, the Tools section of the program allows you to start/stop the protection function of File Lock, and to back up your current settings to a disk file.

In short, File Lock offers you a wide variety of possibilities and methods to protect your files and folders effectively. The program uses a master password that you are prompted to define during the installation stage. This password is the only one that will grant you access to the program to protect/unprotect your files and folders. Therefore, it is very advisable that you keep this password in a very safe place.

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  • Offers you seven protection levels for your files/folders
  • Allows you to protect specific users and user groups only
  • Allows you to schedule the protection on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Allows you to encrypt individual files


  • Your files/folders are not automatically encrypted when you protect them
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